Moissanite Cross Stud Earrings


Introducing the stunning Moissanite Cross Stud Earrings from Spicie's Boutique! These earrings feature sparkling moissanite stones set in a beautiful cross design that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Made from high-quality materials, these earrings are built to last and will become a cherished addition to any jewelry collection.

Moissanite is a fantastic alternative to diamonds for those who want a brilliant and sparkling gemstone without breaking the bank. It has a similar appearance to diamonds, with a brilliance and fire that is almost indistinguishable from that of a real diamond. Moissanite is also much more affordable than diamonds, making it an excellent option for those who want the look of diamonds without the high price tag.

In addition to its affordability and stunning appearance, moissanite is also a very durable gemstone. With a hardness rating of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, it is extremely resistant to scratches and chips, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear.

So, why not add a touch of sophistication to your jewelry collection with the Moissanite Cross Stud Earrings from Spicie's Boutique? Whether you're looking for a special gift for someone you love, or simply want to treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry, these earrings are sure to impress. Order yours today and discover why moissanite is a great alternative to diamonds!

  • Product measurements:

Each earring: 0.27 carat

Total: 0.54 carat

Length: 0.47 in (1.2 cm)

Weight: 0.1 oz (3 g)

Color: Silver

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